The new SureFire SF Ryder 9-Ti2 utilizes titanium.

SureFire just launched its latest suppressor, a unit called the SF RYDER 9-Ti2. The suppressor features a titanium tube and works with 9mm firearms.

SureFire SF Ryder 9-Ti2 Suppressor

A successor to the RYDER 9-Ti, the 9-Ti2 features a thicker, fluted titanium outer tube. It substantially increases the suppressor’s rigidity and also improves overall performance by ensuring suppressor-to-barrel concentricity. This helps minimize POI shift, according to SureFire.

The unit utilizes heat-treated, U.S. mill-certified stainless-steel baffles inside. It also features a new interface, along with a proprietary booster assembly revised for more precise alignment, according to SureFire. Meanwhile, an anti-friction coating even reduces carbon buildup, helping deliver consistent performance.

The 9-Ti2 weighs a mere 10.7 ounces, making it one of the lightest in its class, according to SureFire. The unit reduces sound by 28 dB at the shooter’s ear. It also offers improved accuracy and faster follow-up shots, a welcome feature to all. And it brings all this versatility while delivering minimal and consistent point-of-aim, point-of-impact shift, according to SureFire.

The 9-Ti2 features baffles indexed and numbered for easy assembly after cleaning. You can’t put it together wrong, according to SureFire. Precision, single-point cut threads provide quick, secure attachment to 1/2×28 or M13.5×1 LH threaded barrels.

The suppressor comes in two colors with a high-temperature Cerakote finish. Lastly, the 9-Ti2 retails for $849. For more information, visit

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