Christmas is almost upon us, and if you’re looking for unique and non-traditional — and somewhat tactical — stocking stuffers for the gun person in your life, you have come to the right place.

We have highlighted a wide range of products with a range of prices from $2 to $175. Check them out in the gallery above. We’re sure they’ll bring a smile, and maybe even a chuckle!


First thing first, you need a stocking. So stand out with the Rhodesian Camouflage Christmas Stocking. It’s a limited run, the inside if fully lined with Litelok fabric and a 6×2-inch loop on both sides for attaching a name tape or patches. It’s about 19 inches long, enough room to stuff it full of goodies. ($25;


Violent Little Machine Shop offers a large variety of morale patches, but be forewarned, they are not for everyone. They are unique and perfect for those with strange senses of humor, not for sensitive snowflakes. ($2-$40;


“Pass the Ammunition,” might be the next rallying call around your dinner table thanks to Daylight Wine Company. Their Ammunition line includes “The Equalizer” (a red blend), Chardonnay and a Pinot Noir. Their wines are specifically crafted for red-blooded Americans with an appreciation for the finer things in life. ($23-$28;


ENDO Apparel offers comfortable and soft t-shirts that promote the Second Amendment without being a brand fan boy. Offered in various sizes and mostly in grey, black and blue. Can’t go wrong with these shirts that promote the gun lifestyles. ($28;


Ezra Arthur, with its motto “Designed For Life,” offers several different wallet styles to suit everyone’s needs. Each made-in-the-USA wallet is 100-percent hand-finished and features no synthetic materials, glues or dyes. Get you and your money back to nature! ($40-$175;


Tired for ice diluting your favorite bourbon, scotch, Shirley Temple and cocktails—well Whiskey Bullets are here to the rescue. They are 237% more awesome then whiskey rocks! Made out of stainless steel with rounded edges, they will not scratch your glass nor will they add any flavors or smells to the drink. Best of all, Whiskey Bullets do not dilute drinks while keeping them cool. Available in a set or 3 or 6 and an optional Whiskey Bullet Cylinder. ($24.99-$49.99;

Bacōn fragrance is available in Gold (sizzling citrus aroma) or Classic (spicy maple fragrance). Designed for both men and women, the fragrance has an ever so slight hint of bacon. But every time I wear it, I get extra love from the wife, the dogs and even the pet pig… it’s gotta be the bacon! ($36;


Ever wished you could shoot balls of fire from your wrist? Now you can, and yes, it is safe just as long you handle it responsibly (by not lighting your friend’s cigar from across the room and such). The Pyro Mini is a cool little device that is hands free and subtle, designed by a magician. Shoot balls of fire from your empty hands. ($149;


Let’s face it, most people don’t even think about socks. But they are one of the most essential gear — keep your feet happy and you’ll be happy, and ready to go the distance. Enter Darn Tough Vermont, makers of the extremely comfortable and durable full cushion socks. You cannot beat these socks, check out all their lines of socks, for any activity. ($17-$30;


Brooklyn Biltong is the brainchild of Ben, a Southerner who moved with his family to New York.  They introduced some of their American friends to Biltong, who became addicts and demanded more. What is Biltong? Well it’s not exactly jerky, having a very different structure and taste. The biggest differences are the way it is cut and the way it is dried. Biltong is cut with the grain, giving you a more tender, steak like piece of meat. Also, the drying process of biltong is with dry air, compared to jerky that gets dried mostly by heat. This gives biltong a pretty authentic taste that is true to the beef that it is and does not have a sweet taste. For those of you interested, Brooklyn Biltong has offered up a 20 percent discount code for a one-time purchase with no expiration date. Use the phrase “TACTICALMEAT” when checking out. ($7.99-$35;


It’s getting cold out there! Get your hands on the Zippo Hand Warmer, which is virtually odorless and stays warm up to 12 hours. The thin design easily fit into pockets, making it perfect for sporting events, hunting, winter sports, and even for tailgating. Keep your digits warm. ($19.95-$37.95;


Hug your beers right with Armageddon Gear’s Beer Bivy. Available for 12-ounce bottle or can in several colors and camos. It’s constructed of Milspec 500D Cordura Nylon and features adjustable shock-cord retentions. Made for dynamic drinking, keeping your beer cold but hands warm. ($14.99;


First Spear’s Tough Hook is purpose built to hang and carry your heaviest equipment from body armor to wet suits. Supports over 150 pounds, overbuilt for added strength and security, and available in black or tan. ($12.99;


The nanoSTRIKER XL is ultra-small and completely self-contained, without sacrificing form or function. Its unique all-in-one design puts all the tools you need to start a fire into one tiny package. At the end of the day, this little tool can be collapsed and returned to the key-chain. ($28.95;

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