The market for a custom Glock trigger is pretty robust, and an impressive new option just added its name to the list. TangoDown has launched its new Vickers Tactical Carry Trigger (VTCT) for Glock pistols.

TangoDown’s Vickers Tactical Carry Trigger

Available in two different configurations to accommodate most Glocks out there today, the VTCT is a flat faced polymer trigger, a shape preferred by combat and competition shooters. The large front surface and low trigger safety give the perception of a lighter trigger press. These features also enable trigger movement straight back without pushing the gun to either side, the company claims. In addition, the lack of a vertical ridge in the middle of the trigger face gives the user a shooting advantage.

In developing the VTCT, TangoDown kept the mechanical take-up familiar to Glock shooters. However, over-travel was shortened to allow for a quicker reset, and thus a faster follow-up shot.

The VTCT is made from the same polymers as the Glock OEM trigger, so you’re not risking damaging the frame. The pivot pins are 17-4 stainless steel and splined for maximum retention. Because the assembly wasn’t CNC machined in aluminum with the usual hardcoat anodize finish, the VTCT won’t get hot after along session. The trigger is an insulator, not a conductor, the company says.

“After using a pre-production prototype version of the new Tangodown/Vickers Tactical Glock trigger on my training pistol for a period of time, I couldn’t be more pleased with the result,” Larry Vickers said. “In fact, of the multiple students I’ve had try the trigger I’ve yet to receive a negative comment. The Tangodown crew hit this one out of the park and it is, in my opinion, truly the Glock trigger ‘Perfected.'”

TangoDown recommends using a certified Glock armorer to install the VTCT.

The VTCT-001 accommodates all Gen3 and Gen4 Glock models in 9mm, .40, .45 ACP and 10mm. It also works with the G42 .380 model. The VTCT-002, meanwhile, fits all Glock Gen5 models on the shelves. The MSRP on both versions is $37.95.

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