Century Arms recently announced the return of its newest brand, US Palm. A unique company, US Palm brings affordable products designed specifically for the AK enthusiast. Century Arms’ acquisition positions the company to grow and continue its role in the 2A community. And we got a first look at the new US Palm at the recent Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous.

US Palm Returns

The US Palm brand boasted a wide selection of offerings over the years. But no products arguably earned more popularity than the AK-47 magazines and grips. In that vein, the first two products to re-emerge will focus on those company staples.

The 30-round magazines return, produced under the same technical data package as the original. They will come in black and flat dark earth. Meanwhile, each will display the iconic waffle pattern design. The grips are ergonomically designed for maximum grip, control and feel to a wide array of shooters. These will come in black, flat dark earth and Bakelite orange.

The products come with a lifetime warranty that reflects the company motto: “Weather Any Storm.” Meanwhile, a customer service team will support all customers, according to Century Arms.

“The US PALM brand was built on a set of core values that focused on quality, reliability, and affordability as a promise to their customers,” said Jason Karvois, Director of Sales, US Palm. “Mix that in with a bit of attitude and that is what people love about US PALM. When we decided to revitalize the brand we knew that our main focus had to be to keep everything exactly how it was, just on a bigger scale.”

Officials say product lines will grow rapidly, with different caliber magazines, furniture, accessories and more coming soon.

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