Viridian Weapon Technologies recently announced additions to the X Series Gen 3 line, the X5L-RS Gen 3 green laser sight and taclight. Built for long guns, the X5L-RS attaches to both rifle and shotguns for greater identification and aiming capabilities.

The X5L-RS Gen 3 features a heavy-duty, waterproof two-button pressure switch, according to Viridian. The accessory fits most full-sized, railed long guns. Additionally, the X5L-RS comes equipped with a powerful 5mW green laser for maximum visibility during daylight hours. Meanwhile, a 500-lumen CREE LED light provides brilliant, white light.

The X5L-RS Gen 3 also features universal mounting and six different modes of operation. Additionally, a rechargeable battery provides on-board charging capability. Also, battery indicator lights alert users to power status. Further, the unit features ambidextrous controls. Finally, the entire unit rides within a 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and high-grade polymer body.

“Viridian is thrilled to give customers a new X Series model designed exclusively for long guns,” said Viridian President and CEO Brian Hedeen. “We’re always striving to produce the most advanced weapon-mounted accessories available, and this new offering is no exception. Like its X5L Gen 3 counterpart, the X5L-RS includes a removable, rechargeable battery that eliminates the need to ever buy traditional batteries again. Plus, customers will know the exact battery power status in real time, making it an extremely convenient, intuitive addition to virtually any railed rifle or shotgun.”

The battery delivers a overall maximum run time of 40 minutes with Light/Laser mode. Further, six different modes provide versatility to users. Also, the laser can be seen up to 100 yards in daylight and up to 2 miles in darkness.

For more information, visit viridianweapontech.com.

X5L-RS Gen 3 Operation Modes

  • Solid Laser
  • Solid Laser/Solid Light
  • Strobe Light/Solid Laser
  • Pulsing Laser
  • Pulsing Laser/Solid Light
  • Solid Light

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