VZ Grips Palm Swell Grips new 2016

As far as firearm grips go, VZ Grips is among the elite manufacturers on the planet. The company recently announced its newest artistically crafted product: The VZ Palm Swell grips.

The new panels will accommodate a shooter with a larger hand and need for more volume on their grip. The Palm Swell grips are designed to offer the hand more surface area, which will allow the shooter to achieve a stronger grip.

VZ’s new grips are currently available for the CZ 75 and Browning Hi-Power pistol platforms. The future options will include the 1911 and Beretta designs.

The grips have an MSRP of $79 and are available now.

For more information on the Palm Swell grips and other products from VZ Grips, please visit VZgrips.com.

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