The Walker's FireMax provides a versatile comms system on the range.

Walker’s just announced the release of a new communications system, one that brings utility to tactical training, sport shooting and even duty. The Walker’s FireMax combines the company’s FireMax Muffs and FireMax Walkie Talkie for a range-ready comms system.

Walker’s FireMax

The system incorporates the Walker’s Sound Activated Compression (SAC) protection. The digital platform includes four frequency modes. A silent, soft-touch digital button system controls frequencies. A 2000 mAH rechargeable lithium battery powers the system. It provides 200 hours of runtime, according to Waker’s.

The FireMax features a new digital sound processing system. It incorporates Active Dynamic Sound Suppression. Additionally, it includes sophisticated digital circuitry, enabling users to select specific audio modes for boosting sound clarity, according to Walker’s. Meanwhile, Universal and Power boost modes enhance general sound. Finally, Clear Voice and Hi-Frequency modes help better discern conversations and high-frequency rounds, including impacts on distant steel targets.

The muffs also come with a new Rubber Tacti-Grip headband. Cooling gel ear pads help make for all-day comfort.

The new FireMax Walkie Talkie pairs exclusively with the FirMax Muff. It operates on FRS frequency with a main, sub-channel and priority channel. It makes communication easy on the range, according to Walker’s. Above all, it increases comms on the range, making it a worthwhile piece of gear.

The FireMax Walkie Talkie retails for $59.99. For even more info, please visit

Walker’s FireMax Ear Pro Features

  • Slim low-profile design
  • Digital audio circuit
  • Rechargeable
  • Low noise/Frequency tuned for natural sound clarify
  • Auto shut off
  • Digital soft touch silent button operation
  • 2000 mAH (200 hours battery life)
  • IP54 rated
  • Four Frequency modes
    • Universal
    • Clear Voice
    • Hi frequency Boost
    • Power Boost
  • USB-C charging port (cable included)
  • Rubber Tacti-Grip Headband
  • Cooling gel earpads
  • Full dynamic range HD Speakers for clear balanced sound
  • Sound activated compression
  • Sound dampening composite housing
  • 3.5mm audio jack

FireMax Walkie Talkie Features

  • Integrates seamlessly with Firemax Muff
  • Operates on FRS frequency band
  • Main, sub-channel, and priority channel settings
  • Powered by the FIreMax’s large lithium battery
  • Adjustable antenna positions
  • Large back lit LCD screen
  • Control muff volume and mode selection via walkie talkie

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