The Walther Q5 Match Conversion Kit transforms the PPQ into a race gun.

Walther Arms just announced the release of its newest firearm accessory, the Q5 Match Conversion Kit. The Q5 Match Conversion Kit turns your PPQ series pistol into a competition-worthy race fun, bringing in several feature of the popular Walther Q5 Match.

The Q5 Match series of pistols gained immediate popularity among competition shooters. A modern take on a practical shooting pistol, the Q5 delivers extraordinary efficiency and adaptability, according to Walther Arms. The platform allows shooters to maximize their accuracy, power and speed, the necessary ingredients to placing well in competition.

The Walther Q5 Conversion Kit features a Q5-style slide complete with features normally associated with custom-built handguns. It comes ported and optics ready, including LPA sights, along with both front and rear serrations. The five-inch barrel with polygonal rifling and a stepped chamber help deliver the accuracy needed for high-level competition.

The Walther Q5 Conversion Kit works with any polymer PPQ 9mm (excluding sub-compact models) and comes ready to install. The kits includes a slide, barrel, recoil assembly, all internal components, LPA rear sight and LPA fiber-optic front sight. It also ships with a test target with a five-shot group from 25 meters.

Above all, in every way, Walther’s Q5 conversion kit comes match ready. The conversion kit retails for $599. For more information, visit

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