The White Label Armory Home Builder's Parts Kit contains everything you need to build and maintain AR-style guns.

Simply stated, the AR-15 remains America’s rifle. From long-range rifle to battle carbine to pistol, the ubiquitous AR does everything you need. So long as you can build it mission specific and keep it running. Now White Label Armory released its Home Builder’s Parts Kit, an incredible set of pins, springs, screws and more, to keep your AR legit.

White Label Armory Home Builder’s Parts Kit

“The Home Builder’s Kit is perfect for everyone, from avid AR builders and preppers to that go-to guy at the range. It also comes with significant savings over buying parts individually,” Randi D’Ambrosia, Marketing Director.

We love the inherent organization with the White Label Armory system. Builders will find parts right where they need them, when they need them. From magazine catch buttons to crush washers and hammers, this kit has it all. Better still, keep it in your range bag and ensure you never stay down for long.

All components are 100-percent American made. It all comes in a labeled, well-organized box. As it should, because this kit holds a remarkable 283 small AR components. For building or maintaining, its in there.

White Label Armory Home Builder’s Parts Kit Specs

                                                         Lower Parts 
Pivot Pin, OEM, M16, Nitride4
Takedown Pin, OEM, M16, Nitride4
Buffer Retainer Pin, OEM, M16, Nitride4
Detent, OEM, M16, Pivot / Takedown Pin, Cadmium Plated10
Detent, OEM, M16, Selector, Cadmium Plated10
Detent, OEM, M16, Bolt Catch, Nitride10
Spring, OEM, M16, Pivot / Takedown Detent20
Spring, OEM, M16, Ejector / Selector10
Spring, OEM, M16, Bolt Catch Detent10
Spring, OEM, AR15, Hammer5
Spring, OEM, AR15, Trigger5
Spring, OEM, AR15, Disconnect10
Spring, OEM, M16, Buffer Retainer Pin10
Trigger, OEM, AR15, 8620, Phosphate4
Hammer, OEM, AR15, 8620, Phosphate4
Disconnect, OEM, AR15, Phosphate6
Selector, OEM, AR15, 8620, Phosphate4
Bolt Catch, OEM, M16, 8620, Phosphate4
Pin, OEM, M16, Fire Control Group, Nitride10
Roll Pin, OEM, M16, Bolt Catch, Phosphate10
Roll Pin, OEM, M16, Trigger Guard, Phosphate4
Trigger Guard Assembly, OEM, M16, Standard, 7075-T6, HC Anodized, Black4
Magazine Catch Button, OEM, M16, 6061, HC Anodize Black4
Magazine Catch Assembly, OEM, M16, Phosphate4
Spring, OEM, M16, Magazine Catch10
                                                        BCG Parts 
Gas Ring, OEM, M16, Stainless15
Extractor, OEM, M16, 5.56, Billet, 4140-HT-SP, Phosphate5
Spring, OEM, M16, Extractor, Standard,10
Insert, OEM, M16, Extractor, Rubber10
O-Ring, OEM, M16, Extractor, Viton10
Pin, OEM, M16, Firing Pin Retaining Pin, Phosphate5
Firing Pin, OEM, M16, 17-4 H900, Raw5
Cam Pin, OEM, M16, 4140, Heat Treated and Ground, Nitride3
                                                       Upper Parts 
Roll Pin, OEM, M16, Gas Tube, Phosphate10
Roll Pin, OEM, M16, Forward Assist, Phosphate5
Crush Washer, OEM, M16, 1/2″, 4140, Black Oxide5
Spring, OEM, M16, Ejection Port Cover, Black Oxide5
C-Clip, OEM, M16, Ejection Port Cover Rod, Phosphate10
Crush Washer, OEM, M16, 5/8″, 4140, Black Oxide5

The Home Builder’s Parts Kit retails for $385. For more information, visit

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