XTech Tactical recently announced the release of its newest AK accessory, the MAG47 MIL 30-round magazine. Dubbed the “Militia Special,” the XTech Tactical MAG47 MIL utilizes a strong design and incorporates stainless steel feed lips.

The company calls the MAG47 MIL the “strongest U.S.-made rifle magazine ever made.” XTEch Tactical developed the MAG47 in response to a consumer torture test completed at the request of XTech Tactical. The company requested that consumers compare the MAG47’s durability to the legendary Bulgarian and Russian military-issued magazines.

The MAG47 features stainless steel feed lips, a solid machined steel rear lug, stainless steel spring and extremely durable polymer. The magazine easily field strips for cleaning and maintenance, according to XTech Tactical. The magazine retails for $34.95, and $1 from every magazine sold from the company website will go to Gun Owners of America.

“We are proud to share that the MAG47mil was developed as a result of our direct interaction with consumers. With the ever-rising costs of the before mentioned options, we are very excited to continue to raise the bar for US AK magazines while supporting the fight to retain our standard capacity rights”, stated Jeremy Deadman, XTech Tactical’s Director of Sales and Marketing.

The second new release from XTech Tactical is an entry level option for its AK47 magazine line up, the OEM47. Made in the USA, the OEM47 features the same geometry and feeding as the MAG47 line without the steel reinforcements. The OEM47 is a great option for those seeking magazines for recreational use, according to XTech Tactical.. The OEM47 retails for $14.95.

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