Accu-Grip AR-15 Platform

The AR-15 platform continues to evolve each day, with new products like the Accu-Grip helping improve its shooting.

Accu-Grip’s unique adjustable grip for the trigger finger hand (strong hand) makes for much more effective trigger reach and trigger control and results in greatly improved shooter accuracy.

The key to accurate and quick shooting is trigger control. Trigger control can be greatly improved by correct contact between the trigger finger and trigger. The basic trigger length of an AR is just 2.25 inches, which is why most shooters position their hand awkwardly or have their trigger finger dangling out the other side of the trigger guard.

The Accu-Grip allows the shooter to lengthen and incrementally adjust the critical grip-to-trigger contact — up to 3.25 inches if desired. While that may not sound like much, any experienced shooter will tell you it is huge and can greatly improve critically important trigger control resulting in more accurate shooting.

Installation takes approximately five minutes. Accu-Grip fits all MILSPEC and factory lowers and comes with the necessary hardware and Allen wrench for installation.

After installation, adjusting the grip to fit the individual shooter takes a few seconds. Movement of the grip is accomplished in 1/10-inch incremental positive hold adjustments and, of course, the grip may be adjusted as many times as the shooter wishes.

The patented Accu-Grip is molded with DuPont Zytel resin and long strand glass fibers, making it incredibly tough.

Accu-Grips are available in black, dark earth, OD green and desert sand. Other custom colors can be created in quantity on request.

TheAccu-Grip retails for $39.95 and is available now.

For more information on the Accu-Grip, please visit

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