Adams Arms XLP Low Profile Gas Block
The Adams Arms' XLP Low Profile Gas Block
Adams Arms XLP Low Profile Gas Block
The Adams Arms’ XLP Low Profile Gas Block

Adams Arms wanted to make its newest gas block as versatile as possible.

The new XLP System is designed to fit under almost any rail on the market of any length offering consumers a much greater variety of choices for their hand guards and accessories. The XLP comes with five different adjustable gas settings, allowing the shooter to custom tune their rifle for different applications.

The XLP Low Profile Gas Block has a three-quarter-inch diameter and a height of just .625 inches from the base of the block to top of the block. It weighs .35 pounds.

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Customers with existing kits and rifles using standard blocks can now also upgrade their current Adams Arms system by purchasing the new XLP block and selector.

The XLP Low Profile Gas Block is coated using the LifeCoat coating process and is approximately 25 percent lighter than Adams Arms’ Standard Block.

All other components from the Adams Arms piston system are compatible.

The XLP System is available now for $138.59.

For more information on the XLP Low Profile Gas Block and other products from Adams Arms, please visit

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