ADCO Night Vision Scope

ADCO might be a small business, but that hasn’t stopped the company from creating big time scopes.

ADCO recently unveiled its new Night Vision Scope, a 2X scope with first generation night vision capabilities. These scopes are ideal for night hunting for boar, coyote and other predators.

The Night Vision Scope is powered by one CR123 battery and can last for many hours of constant used.

The scopes can be zeroed in during daylight hours simply by flipping the front lens cover over the objective lens.

There is a tiny hole with the Night Vision Scope allowing just enough light into it and allowing the full scope image to be seen (Yes, the entire imagery fits through that tiny hole). So zeroing in the windage and elevation can be done easily during daylight hours.

After years of high prices for night vision equipment, this scope can be attained for only $990.

A quality instrument, the Night Vision Scope comes with an aluminum carrying case for added protection when not in use. Now the average hunter can turn night time into added hours on the effectively hunt time.

For more information on the new optics from ADCO, please visit

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