Advantage Tactical has announced that its Dark Diamond Night Sight is now available for the CZ 75 in 9mm and .40, as well as all Smith & Wesson M&P models, including the Shield and excepting the CORE.

The Dark Diamond Night Sight is an iron sight that enables the end user to make an accurate shot in total darkness at a distance with only a glowing front sight and without the benefit of seeing the rear sight. The Firefly front sight inserts incorporate the latest technology to produce a glow in the dark luminesce that’ll last multiple hours after just one minute of exposure to a light source, the press release says.

The sight kit for the CZ 75 ATDDS which fits all 9mm and .40 S&W pistols includes front and rear sight bases; 2 Dark Diamond Fireflies (coral and lime-yellow come standard) and .029″ of elevation shim, and all appropriate hex keys. Aqua and Green fireflies are also available as an upgrade option.

Meanwhile, the S&W M&P ATDDS sight, which fits all M&P models except the CORE, comes with a sight kit that also includes the front and rear sight bases; two Dark Diamond Fireflies in coral and lime-yellow; .044″ of elevation shim, and all the hex keys. Similar to the CZ 75 sight, Aqua and Green fireflies are available as an upgrade for the S&W M&P ATDDS sight as well.

Both the CZ 75 and the S&W M&P Dark Diamond sights are available with prices starting from $98.49 for a complete night set.
Here’s how it works:
Align the front and rear sights in daylight or darkness, and when you see a diamond shape, you’re good to go. The tip of the diamond is where your shot will go.
dark diamond night sight instructions
1) Rear sight 2) Front Sight 3) Front and Rear Sight Aligned in Daylight 4) Front and Rear Sight Aligned in Darkness

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