The following is a release from Aero Precision:

The M4E1-SD is a collaboration project between Aero Precision, SilencerCo and Ballistic Advantage.

The .300 Blackout dedicated suppressed upper receiver is the first of its kind in the Aero Precision lineup and has been fine tuned to the company’s standards, resulting in a premium quality, high performance suppressed upper assembly.


The M4E1-SD starts with the Aero Precision M4E1 Enhanced Upper Receiver, which features custom M4E1-SD designation engraving. The upper receiver is paired with an Aero Precision 9-inch Enhanced KeyMod Handguard. The handguard features a 1.8-inch inside diameter to accommodate suppressors and allows for accessories around the suppressor.


The complete upper receiver features a Ballistic Advantage 7.5-inch .300 Blackout BA Hanson Premium Series Barrel. The stainless steel barrel has been specifically crafted for the M4E1-SD with a gas port that is drilled to allow for dedicated suppressed use and a pinned low profile gas block.

The BA Hanson Profile is made specifically to its length and caliber, yielding the best results with every aspect taken in to consideration. The shoulderless design harnesses the bullet’s energy more efficiently while limiting felt recoil, a perfect combination for this dedicated suppressed upper receiver.


The SilencerCo Omega is rated for everything from 5.7mm to .300 Win Mag and is the shortest, lightest, quietest, most versatile silencer from SilencerCo. Made from titanium, stainless steel and Stellite. This version comes with the 5/8×24 direct thread mount and flat endcap, but it will work with all SilencerCO Omega accessories.


Aero Precision rounds out the M4E1-SD with its high-quality Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group which allows easier cleaning and increased reliability. It also includes Aero Precision’s standard AR15 Charging Handle.

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