Aero Precision has a unique idea for selling AR receiver sets. Every month, the company is offering customized “Monthly Builder Sets” with upper receivers, lower receivers and handguards in unique Cerakote finishes to build your own AR.

The catch: Each set is only available for a month, and a new custom set will be introduced at the start of the next month.

For example, Aero Precision’s January Monthly Builder Set features the company’s M5 .308 set with a Magpul OD Cerakote finish. This package deal includes the finished pieces you need to assemble your own OD Cerakote .308 M5E1 rifle, including an M5E1 upper receiver, an M5 lower receiver and enhanced handguard of choice—either a 15-inch KeyMod or M-LOK forend.

With this kit, you’ll be able to stand out at the range with a unique and eye-catching build. This is a one-time offer for this finish; once they are gone, they are gone!

For more information on the Monthly Builder Sets, visit

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