Aimpoint Micro T-2 Sight solo
Aimpoint's Micro T-2 Sight Sees Major Upgrades

Aimpoint wanted a perfect sight when it designed the Micro T-2, so it sought out feedback from professionals.

The feedback resulted into several changes, including a new sight housing that allows the addition of front and rear protective flip covers and anti-reflective devices, additional physical protection for the sight’s adjustment turrets and increased ruggedness for the sight’s internal electronic components.

The most important development in the Micro T-2, however, is enhanced optical performance.

A newly designed front lens, incorporating an important breakthrough in reflective lens coatings, provides a noticeable increase in the clarity and performance properties of the Micro T-2. This ensures that no matter what angle or conditions the shot presents, the user is able to get on target quickly and accurately.

The Micro T-2 can be mounted on nearly any individual weapon platform and can be used with all existing mounts that fit the Micro T-1. The sight is compatible with all generations of night vision devices.

Waterproof up to 25 meters, the Micro T-2 can operate for up to five years of constant-on use, using just one CR-2032 battery.

The Micro T-2 will be available for shipment in mid-October 2014.

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