The aimpoint CEU (Concealed Engagement Unit) is the latest component incorporated into Aimpoint’s unique “System-of-Systems” approach. It gives the user the ability to observe or engage a threat from a protected position. The Aimpoint CEU easily switches from side to side, so an operator can safely look around either right- or left-hand corners. It can also be quickly taken out of the way in either direction to rapidly return to direct engagement.

aimpoint1.gifThe Aimpoint CEU turns an operator’s standard weapon into a scouting tool that allows him to look over walls or around corners without exposing themselves to enemy fire. It’s no longer necessary to equip a team member with a special weapon or an expensive and fragile electronic device to make this possible.

Since the AImpoint CEU does not affect the weapon’s point of impact, it can easily b passed from one member of a unit to another as long as both weapons are outfitted with the proper interface. There is simply no other device on the market using the same technology. The aimpoint CEU is designed to be compatible with all Aimpoint sights.

In Aimpoint’s modular “System-of-Systems” approach, the Aimpoint red dot sight is the core of the system and is easily supplemented with the Aimpoint 3XMag, night vision device, the AImpoint CEU, or other modules as the situation demands. The result is increased versatility and performance.

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The aimpoint CEU (Concealed Engagement Unit) is the latest component incorporated into Aimpoint's unique…