Air Armor Tech Inflatable Scope Cover

Greg Coker, a good friend and a retired 160th SOAR pilot, recently tipped me off to an inflatable scope cover from Air Armor Tech, a relatively new company that was founded by two veterans and a career law enforcement officer.

The Inflatable Scope Cover is designed to protect the shooter’s optic from damage or loss of zero from impact.

The Inflatable Scope Cover consists of a 1000 Denier ballistic cover that contains an inflatable mil-spec air bladder. This bladder provides 3 inches of impact-absorbing cushion around the optic. An added benefit is that the ISC can act as a flotation device for up to 20 pounds.

Primarily designed to protect the rifle and optic during transport in extreme environments, it is possible to engage targets without removing the Inflatable Scope Cover.

The Inflatable Scope Cover provides exceptional protection for the optic without relying on large, hard cases or bulky drag bags.

For more information on the Inflatable Scope Cover and other products from Air Armor Tech, please visit

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