Firearms and telescopic sights have been around for a long time, but the two did not meet until guns became accurate enough to benefit from optics being mounted on top. Even so, these accurized rifles went to designated marksmen and snipers, not the majority of infantrymen. But, as we have learned in recent years, mounting optics—magnified or not—on rifles can greatly great benefit all shooters. The AK platform is no exception in this regard, and thanks to the booming interesting in all things AK, plenty of manufacturers have developed options for installing optics and other mission-critical accessories on your rifle. Here are some new and proven designs to check out today.

For more information about the rails and mounts featured in the gallery above, please visit the following sites.

Arsenal PR-01/PR-03 Handguards

Arsenal SM-13

Century Arms AK Micro Dot Side Mount

Command Arms XRS47-SET

Krebs Custom UFM KeyMod Handguards

Magpul Zhukov

Midwest Industries Universal Handguards

Midwest Industries 30mm Side Scope Mount

TAPCO AK Quad-Rail Handguard

Texas Weapon Systems Gen-3 Dog Leg Rail

Troy AK-47 Railed Gas Tube

UltiMAK M1-B

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