For many years, most of the available 7.62x39mm AK rounds came as surplus from Eastern Europe or Russia itself, with occasional Chinese shipments and, at least once, some horrible Egyptian ammo. Most of that surplus is now gone or committed to other uses, but fortunately, several American and foreign manufacturers have responded to consumer demand for new and clean ammunition for AKs. This ammo ranges from inexpensive range ammunition to well-designed hunting, self-defense and target rounds. Of course, AKs are available in several different chamberings, and many of the manufacturers listed here offer a variety of caliber options. Here is a roundup of some recent offerings.

For more information about the AK rounds mentioned in the gallery above, please visit the following sites.


CorBon DPX

Federal Premium


PMC Bronze FMJs

Red Army Standard

Remington Core-Lokt PSP

TulAmmo Rounds

Winchester Ammo

Wolf Performance Ammunition

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