If the standard Warsaw Pact AK stock feels a bit on the short side for the average American, that is no accident. Designed to adapt to the broadest range of troops without adjustment, the shorter length of pull was a reasonable solution to the problem. In addition, it accounted for the use of heavy winter clothing or body armor. How about the AK’s small handguard, which does very little to protect the support hand from a hot barrel?

Check out the following array of new stocks and grips that help address these issues and really allow users to fully customize their AK for a superior fit.

Archangel AA123-DT Opfor

The Archangel AA123-DT Opfor AK-series stock is a carbon-fiber-filled, polymer, four-position buttstock with a thick removable recoil pad. This unit will fit most any stamped-receiver AK rifle, and it features a seven-position adjustable cheek riser for use with optics. There are ambidextrous QD sling swivel attachment points at the front and rear of the stock, as well as a traditional sling slot at the toe of the stock. Made in the USA, it is 922r compliant and available in black, desert tan and OD green. (; 800-438-2547)

ATI AK-47 TactLite Elite Package

Anyone looking for a fast and easy upgrade to their AK furniture should look closely at the ATI AK-47 TactLite Elite Package with the Scorpion Recoil System. This is a complete polymer replacement kit with all the extras at one low price. You get a side-folding, six-position stock with a recoil-mitigating internal system, tall and short adjustable cheekrests, ambidextrous QD sling swivel points and a non-slip, recoil-absorbing, removable buttpad. Also included is an ergonomic tactical pistol grip with rubber inserts and finger grooves, as well as ventilated upper and lower handguards with a quad-rail design and a sling swivel for installing optics or accessories. The kit is made in the USA for 922r compliance and comes with a warranty. (; 800-925-2522)


The BCMGUNFIGHTER KAG (Kinesthetic Angled Grip) features a forward-angled rake that provides a firmer hold and increases user comfort while decreasing fatigue. This tough polymer grip will fit directly onto a KeyMod rail (other versions are available) and features texturing at the front and back for an improved hold. The design has a small and slender profile to prevent catching on any gear and minimize weight, and it works well for all types of supported firing positions. (; 877-272-8626)


The more traditional-looking BCMGUNFIGHTER Vertical Grip MOD 3 is made from durable polymer and will attach to any Picatinny rail system. This low-profile grip also features a forward slant for better ergonomics and retention, but it can also be mounted in reverse based on user preference. It features aggressive texturing and is built with a strong retention anchoring system, ensuring that the grip stays attached to the rifle under any condition and usage. It also weighs less than 2 ounces. (; 877-272-8626)

Boyds Gunstocks

Laminated wood offers a distinct advantage over solid wood. As the laminated wood layers are arranged with the wood grain in opposite directions and then pressure glued together, the result is a more rigid and accurate-shooting stock. But when sanded and finished, it proves very attractive. American-made AK laminated wood stock sets in a variety of colors are available from Boyd’s, and can add a very distinct and classic look and feel to the AK rifle. (; 605-996-5011)

Circle 10 AK Flush Fit Side Fold Adapter

The scope mount frequently found on the left side of many AK receivers can make it difficult for a side-folding stock to lie flat against the receiver. However, Manticore Arms, in conjunction with Circle 10 AK, has developed a new AK receiver extension tube that allows the user to install any standard AR adjustable stock to a side-folding trunnion with a 4.5mm pin. Most impressive is the cutout that goes around the scope mount for a completely flush fit. The mil-spec receiver extension also features an internal storage space. (; 844-265-4636)

Echo93 SpecMod Stock Set

Echo93 is a tactical shop that specializes in upgraded products for ARs, AKs and other weapon systems. For the AK, it has developed a very classic yet innovative stock system, the SpecMod Stock Set. This stock features a very classic and original look with highly polished and attractive laminated wood construction to fit stamped-receiver AKMs. The handguard features a shortened, forward-angled vertical grip similar to mil-spec Romanian AKs, and the buttstock has a built-in, adjustable wood cheekrest for use with optics. It also includes a rubber buttpad for improved comfort and to better keep the rifle on the shoulder. Best of all, it is made in the USA and is 922r compliant. (

Ergo Rigid AK Grip

ERGO Grip already makes some of the best pistol grips for the AR, and now it’s helping to upgrade the AK. Swapping out your AK grip is a very easy upgrade and significantly improves the ergonomics, look and feel of the rifle. The Ergo Rigid AK Grip is no exception, and it is made from a tough, hard polymer with smooth finger grooves and an aggressively textured design on the sides for a better, more secure grip. All of the hardware needed for installation is included, and it will fit any AK variant, including PAP AKs. This grip is made in the USA and 922r compliant. (; 877-281-3783)

FAB UAS-Galil P Buttstock

FAB Defense is based in Israel, so it is hardly a surprise that it has a full line of upgrades and accessories for the Galil rifle, which, despite some significant differences, is still an AK. The FAB UAS-Galil P Buttstock further improves this rifle with its slimmer design, polymer construction and push-button side-folding capability. The stock also features a five-level adjustable cheekrest, which can be raised or lowered for better sight alignment (especially with optics), a non-slip rubberized buttpad and ambidextrous QD sling swivel attachment points. This stock is available in black, OD green and desert tan. (; 631-843-0490)

Magpul Zhukov-S Stock

Magpul Industries is already well known for great AR furniture and magazines, but now it is making extremely ergonomic, attractive and innovative furniture and magazines for the AK as well. Most interesting is the polymer Zhukov-S Stock, which is designed to fit stamped-receiver AK variants. It features a five-position length-of-pull adjustment and folds to the right, allowing for full rifle operation with the stock folded without interfering with left-side receiver optics mounts. The stock comes with a single QD point at the end of the receiver, and has holes for mounting optional QD cups (sold separately) at the rear on either side. (; 877-462-4785)

Stark Equipment AK-47 Pistol Grip

The Stark Equipment AK-47 Pistol Grip represents a significant improvement over the standard factory grip. The tough polymer construction is completely weather and chemical resistant, and the grip includes waterproof internal storage space for two CR123 batteries with an optional AA battery plug also available. Aggressive texturing, palm swells and a thumb rest combine with the beavertail design and distinct grip angle to ensure a secure and ergonomic grip in all types of conditions. The grip widens at the bottom to provide a patented hand stop that helps ensure weapon retention, and a tab at the front of the grip melds with the triggerguard for significantly improved comfort. It is available in black, Flat Dark Earth, OD green and MultiCam. (; 603-556-7772)


Fans of the SKS rifle can take advantage of TAPCO’s Intrafuse SKS Railed Stock System, which features tough polymer construction and completely replaces the wood stock on your old SKS. Included is an AR-style, six-position stock to get just the right length of pull as well as a SAW-style pistol grip that is comfortable and ergonomic. At the front of the stock, on the bottom, there is a length of rail for mounting a bipod or other accessories, and the top handguard also includes rail space for forward-mounted optics. Note, however, that this stock will not fit the Albanian SKS. Take care to ensure 922r compliance. (; 800-554-1445)

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