As far as firearm accessories go, Alamo Four Star understands the needs of both military-based and sport shooters alike.

Adding to its already impressive selection, the company recently announced the release of its Cowl Induction Break (CIB).

The CIB CNC cross milled port design reduces recoil by more than 50 percent while minimizing the sound directed back at the shooter.

The CIB was developed as better way to mitigate the recoil of large caliber rifles.

Founder Mark Duros realized a need revisit the industry standard muzzle break design when he was shooting his .338 Lapua and experiencing substantial recoil with a standard factory break. This led Mark to find the most effective way to redirect the escaping gas pressure and put that energy to work to more effectively reduce recoil and manage muzzle rise.

The reduction was made possible by redesigning the internal and external geometry of the traditional break to increase the efficiency of this flow of gasses.

The Cowl Induction Break is available in 223/5.56, 6mm, 6.5mm, .30cal, and .338 Lapua in both black and stainless steel. MSRP on the CIB is $169.

For more information on the Cowl Induction Break, please visit

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