You might think that the ammunition market is already well served. But as with Jell-O, there is always room for more. I also seem to recall not too long ago that ammo shortages were leading some to pay as much as a dollar per round for FMJ pistol ammo. So, by all means, we need more companies making high-quality ammo. One of the newest entrants into this competitive market is HPR (High Precision Range) Ammunition based in Payson, Arizona.

I met HPR’s national sales director, Ryan Nicholas, last year and have had the opportunity to test both their rifle and pistol offerings in several guns since then. Nicholas takes special and very personal pride in HPR’s manufacturing process and is commited to round-to-round consistency, which produced exemplary accuracy in all my testing. He also emphasizes that everything HPR produces, down to the distinct design and printing on their ammo boxes, is done right here in the U.S.A.

All HPR ammo is made to SAAMI specifications for pressure and safety using up-to-date equipment and technology, and ammunition technicians and inspectors handle it all to ensure quality control directly. HPR also routinely tests a sample of ammunition from each batch, using testing equipment from Oehler Research and PCB Piezontronics, to ensure the highest levels of consistency round after round.

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You might think that the ammunition market is already well served. But as with…