ALTAI Gear MF Military Boot

ALTAI Gear is an elite manufacturer when it comes to military and hiking boots.

The company’s latest design is a perfect example of what sets ALTAI Gear apart from the competition.

ALTAI’s all new MF Military Boot is lightweight (23 ounces at a size 9) and durable for all endeavors.

The MF Military Boot is made with quick-drying, waterproof construction.

Featuring a SuperFabric upper for extreme protection, the MF Military Boot is abrasion resistant and stain resistant. The Vibram outsole provides superior performance for hiking or trekking, while the EVA midsole provides superior comfort.

Other features of the MF Military Boot include:

  • Anti Clogging: reduces mud, dirt, and debris in the outsole.
  • Speed Lacing System
  • NTOA Member Tested and Approved
  • Wide Heel Pull

ALTAI’s sizing is generally a half-size bigger than the designated men’s size. For example, a Men size 9 would order an 8.5. Sizing is generally a 1.5 size bigger than the designated women’s size. For example, a woman size 9.5 would order an 8.

The MF Military Boot retails for $129.99 and is available now.

For more information on the MF Military Boot and other products from ALTAI Gear, please visit

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