American Rifle Company founder and president, Theodore Karagias announces release of the revolutionary M3 Scope Rings which do not mar or dent the scope tube when clamped tightly around it. The M3 also sets a new standard for mounting using an engagement system which boasts a crowned rail interface capable of tolerating out-of-spec rails.

Nearly everyone who has removed a scope from a rifle has been disappointed when discovering that their scope has been either marred or dented by the rings in which it was clamped. The M3 Scope Rings solve this problem by placing the scope clamping screws tangent to the tube thus eliminating the bending within the ring that damages the scope tube. This patent-pending feature can only be found on American Rifle’s M3 Scope Rings. No other scope ring can provide as tight a grip without damaging the scope.

Further separating the M3 from the competition is the patent-pending crowned rail interface that tolerates out-of-spec rails better than any other mount currently offered. Use of the M3 allows the shooter to repeatedly disengage and re-engage the rail without having to re-zero the rifle. In fact, the relationship between the M3’s rail interface and scope interface is so precisely controlled by American Rifle that the scope can be removed from one set of rings, installed in another, and then placed back upon the rifle without necessitating a windage correction. Only a small elevation correction may be required if changing to a higher or lower ring set.

American Rifle’s M3 Scope Rings are designed and manufactured in the USA and fit Mil-Std-1913 and STANAG 4694 rails. The 7075 aluminum alloy from which the M3 is CNC machined offers extremely high strength and light weight while great looks and corrosion resistance are the result of a matte black mil-spec hard-coat anodized finish. The M3 is competitively priced at $199.99 and is available online along with comprehensive details at It is offered in sizes ranging from low to extra-high in 1” and 30mm diameters and from medium to extra-high in 34, 35, and 40mm diameters.

With the increasing popularity of premium rifles and scopes, American Rifle’s M3 Scope Rings will change the level or performance shooters expect from their scope mounting system. No longer is it tolerable for a ring to damage a scope tube. American Rifle offers the solution.

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