ATN PS28-2
ATN PS28-2

American Technologies Network (ATN) specializes in optics for both military and law enforcement.

The company’s newest day-night sight — the PS28 — was created to withstand the tests of officers in the field.

The PS28 will give a daytime tactical scope or spotting scope night vision capability in a matter of seconds. The PS28 mounts in front of a daytime scope to provide it with nighttime operation. No shift of impact, no need to re-zero or change in eye relief occurs.

With a standard quick release mount, the PS28 Night Vision Front Sight mounts directly in front of a daytime scope quickly and securely without tools, making it night vision operational.

With the daytime scope already zeroed, the PS28 requires no further zeroing and allows full use of all the features of the daytime scope.

The sight features top-of-the-line Image Intensifier Tubes in a wide array of configurations to fit every budget and need. The PS28 also has a catadioptric front lens system that combines specifically shaped mirrors and lenses, allowing for very fast focal ratios and for a smaller and more lightweight lens.

The lightweight PS28 weighs in at only 840 grams. The glass optics are multi-coated for better optical view and protection from the elements.

The day-night system is available in a variety of configurations, including ATN’s WPT, CGT and 3rd gen. MSRP starts at $1,899.

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