Intended for combat and defensive use, AmeriGlo’s new Combat Application Pistol (CAP) Sights are designed to offer quick target acquisitions under duress.

The front CAP sights include a tritium vial for constant, shooter-visible illumination and are milled to be square, but most intriguingly, the photoreactive green paint is painted full width and height to create a square reference point rather than the more traditional round reference point. The purpose of this is to simplify, and thus speed up, sight alignment, as the shooter’s brain aligns straight edges to put the square sight into the square opening in the rear sight rather than putting a round dot into a square hole.

The CAP Spaulding Site variant uses a flat black, serrated rear sight. The serrations eliminate reflection, so the sight appears dark black and easy to acquire even in bright environments and when backlit.

A new law enforcement variation combines that flat black rear sight with tritium technology, placing tritium inserts on each side of the opening so the shooter can line up the glowing dots three across even in the darkest environment.

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