When it comes to precision shooting, sniping and service, Chris Kyle’s name stands apart. Widow Taya Kyle entered a long-term licensing partnership with United Forces Enterprises to produce ammo in Kyle’s name. American Sniper Ammo will feature a match grade line, range/training line, hunting line, and duty/defensive line in several calibers.

American Sniper Ammo

The American Sniper Ammo brand seeks to help fill the void of ammunition production failing to meet capacity. The effort will source domestic and import quality ammo from around the globe. The offerings range from .22 LR up to .338 Lapua Magnum. Shotguns shells will range from 20 gauge up to 10 gauge.

“Loyalty Bound, LLC is honored to enter into a long-term license agreement with United Forces Enterprises, one of the fastest growing leaders in acquisition and sales of quality domestic and imported ammunition,” said Taya Kyle, President of Loyalty Bound, LLC. “Chris valued and was passionate about his personal use of quality ammunition whether in the field, at the range, or while on duty serving our country. For the exclusive, retail launch of American Sniper-branded ammo, we’re excited to partner with Sportsman’s Guide, a recognized leader in the shooting, ammo, and outdoor retail space.”

“United Forces Enterprises is excited to launch a long-term licensing partnership with Loyalty Bound, LLC, and value Taya Kyle’s personal commitment to promote the new brand at select reseller sites throughout the initial launch of 2021,” said Darin Dowd, Vice President of United Forces Enterprises.

Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle’s American Sniper became the definitive autobiography on long-range combat. The book inspired a generation of warfighters and 2A advocates. His tragic death amplified interest in his remarkable career. A movie and countless honors and products saluting Kyle’s service followed in the wake of his death.

The new ammunition line will launch exclusively through Sportsman’s Guide. For even more info, please visit

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