American Tactical began importing a full line of Italian shotgun ammo.

Ammo remains one of the hardest-to-find pieces of gear in all of Gundom. From pandemic spike, to supply chain disruption, to civil unrest and political upheaval, 2020 kicked off a firestorm of ammo demand that keeps burning white hot. So there couldn’t be a better time to introduce fodder in the marketplace. American Tactical did just that with the release of a full line of shotgun ammo.

American Tactical Ammo

The line feature a wide array of shotgun offerings. American Tactical imports all of its ammo from an Italian ammunition manufacturer. The company brings 60 years of experience manufacturing high-quality shotgun shells, according to American Tactical. Their offerings include .410, 12-gauge and 20-gauge target loads. It also produces 12-gauge and 20-gauge game loads in numerous configurations.

“We are excited to offer high quality shotgun ammunition to our customers, ” says Joe Calabro, Marketing Manager for American Tactical, Inc. “We are always looking to provide the products that our customers want most, and to give them the best quality options available.”

The ammo crunch isn’t likely to subside anytime soon. American manufacturers remain incredibly behind on orders, with no end coming in sight. So the addition of imported shotgun ammo should come as a pleasant addition to most shooters. Let’s hope we can find it in the stores soon.

American Tactical shotgun ammo comes in 250-round boxes or 250-round cases. Prices vary based on load. For even more info, please visit

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