Creedmoor 9mm Ammo Shell Shock NAS3 Casing

Shell Shock Technologies has teamed up with Creedmoor Ammo for new 9mm ammunition that uses Shell Shock’s revolutionary NAS3 casings.

Shell Shock is a startup technology and manufacturing company focused on developing innovative case technologies for the ammunition industry.

The new Creedmoor 9mm round starts with a Shell Shock NAS3 case filled with a +P load and topped off with a Hornady XTP 124 grain bullet. The rounds have a muzzle velocity of 1175 FPS and 380 ft.-lbs. of energy.

NAS3 alloy cases are 50 percent lighter than brass cases offering greater lubricity and will not abrade, clog, foul, wear-out or damage breach and ejector mechanisms. The cases offer greater corrosion resistance, tensile strength (2x stronger) and elasticity than brass.

Shell Shock’s cases will not split, chip, crack or grow (stretch) and are fullyreloadable with Shell Shock’s custom reloading dies. Testers have reported up to 40 reloads.

NAS3 cases have been tested successfully with pressures up to 65k psi. NAS3 cases eject cool to-the-touch and can be picked up with a magnet. The head can be colored for branding purposes and easy load identification.

In an independent test performed by H.P. White Laboratory (a major munitions testing facility), rounds fired using Shell Shock’s cases achieved a velocity standard deviation of 0.093 FPS (124 grain FMJ bullet, 4.2 grains Titegroup powder, 10 rounds, extreme variation 3fps).

For more information about the Creedmoor 9mm round with Shell Shock’s NAS3 technology, please visit To learn more about the Shell Shock’s casing technology, please visit

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