Syntech Training Match

Federal recently announced the release of its newest line of handgun training ammunition, Syntech Training Match. Moreover, Federal claims the new line is “designed to make your handgun training more realistic than ever before.”

Firstly, Federal designed Syntech Training Match to deliver the same velocity, trajectory and point of impact as equivalent Federal Premium Personal Defense HST and Tactical HST duty ammunition. Further, Syntech Training Match loads utilize TSJ projectiles. Additionally, these bullets use a polymer jacket to eliminate metal fouling and drastically reduce barrel heat and friction, according to Federal. Also, Federal claims its Catalyst primer provides hot, reliable ignition without lead, which is attractive at indoor ranges.

Federal Syntech Training Match Features

  • Identical point of impact, velocity and overall trajectory as equivalent HST loads
  • Extremely realistic and effective practice
  • Purple jacket also visually identifies matched training round
  • Catalyst high-performance lead-free primer
  • Total Synthetic Jacket prevents metal fouling
  • Drastically reduces overall barrel heat and friction
  • Minimizes overall splash-back on hard targets

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Federal Syntech Training Match Loads

  • 9mm Luger, 147-grain TSJ, 50-count, 1,150 fps: $19.95
  • 9mm Luger, 124-grain TSJ, 50-count, 1,150 fps: $19.95
  • 40 S&W, 180-grain TSJ, 50-count, 1,010 fps: $25.95
  • 45 Auto, 230-grain TSJ, 50-count, 890 fps: $31.95

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