Derived from the company's HELO Duty line, National Police Ammunition releases 115-grain HELO Defense 9mm +P ammo for home defense and concealed carry.

National Police Ammunition just released its newest offering, HELO Defense 9mm 115-grain +P ammunition. The solid copper hollow point features proprietary interior skives. Additionally, the HELO Defense 9mm features the same bullet adopted by several law enforcement agencies, known as the “HELO Duty.”

National Police Ammunition HELO Defense 9mm

Now the HELO Duty comes to law-abiding civilians in a personal defense load. Short for High Expansion, Law Enforcement, Ordinance, the HELO Defense load passes and exceeds FBI performance protocols, according to National Police Ammunition. It utilizes a solid piece construction from high-grade virgin copper. A proprietary cavity features interior skives. Meanwhile, the bullet hardness ensures maximum penetration and expansion. It retains 100-percent of its grain weight through ballistic gel.

The HELO bullet defeats barriers, its cavity resisting getting plugged by heavy clothing, drywall or plywood. The projectile also features a black oxide coating that reduces copper fouling. It also reduces drag for maximum velocity without over-pressuring the cartridge. The HELO hits all benchmarks of the FBI Protocol Test, according to National Police Ammunition. It penetrates a minimum of 12 inches into bare gel from a Glock 43. It also penetrated an average of 15 inches from a full size pistol, according to National Police Ammunition.

In accuracy testing, the 9mm HELO consistently held two-inch groups at 25 yards from a 4-inch duty pistol, according to National Police Ammunition.

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