The new personal defense HST in 327 Fed Mag and 357 Magnum give revolver shooters new options for self defense

Federal Ammunition announces new personal defense HST product family additions. The launch of Personal Defense HST 357 Magnum and 327 Federal Magnum expands the with this intention: to provide more options for revolver shooters.

Adding New Personal Defense HST Rounds to a Proven Lineup

As a result of continuing to build off an already extensive line of personal defense ammunition options, the addition of these magnum loads gives users a reliable and effective personal defense option for revolvers.

“When it comes to choosing a caliber for personal defense, the 357 Magnum and 327 Federal Magnum continue to be popular choices. A big reason for the continued popularity of these calibers is the preference to carry a revolver for everyday carry. We are excited to add these new loads to the already proven line of HST Personal Defense handgun ammunition.”

Federal Ammunition Handgun Product Director, Mike Holm

Reliability is key especially when it comes to choosing self-defense ammo. In order to remove any doubts of performance, the HST 357 and 327 Magnum boast a nickel-plated case. Additionally, the high-performance primer ensures consistent ignition. 

“Users that want to carry a magnum caliber for personal defense, want to utilize the full benefit of them. The specially engineered 104-grain 327 Federal Magnum and 154-grain 357 Magnum HST Jacketed Hollow Points were designed to take full advantage of magnum cartridges with consistent terminal performance. Furthermore, the bullet still has to perform well in personal defense scenarios. This is why the HST JHP was built to pass through a variety of materials without plugging up. The bullet jacket and core hold together to provide nearly 100-percent weight retention through common defensive barriers.”

Federal Ammunition Handgun Product Director, Mike Holm

The HST 357 Magnum and 327 Federal Magnum join an already proven line of Personal Defense HST products. That lineup includes 30 Super Carry, 9mm Luger, 357 SIG, 40 S&W, 10mm Auto, 45 Auto. For more information visit Federal Premium’s website.

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