Norma Tactical

Norma Ammunition recently announced the release of its newest ammo line, Norma Tactical. The new load features a 55-grain full metal jacket bullet in .223 Remington.

Norma Tactical

The all-purpose addition to Norma’s 223 line features a 55-grain full metal jacket bullet designed for reliable feeding in a wide variety of rifles and pistols. Norma manufactures the brass-cased ammunition to exacting specifications to ensure effortless extraction in the most trying of conditions. The consistency offered by the new 223 Norma Tactical will set a new standard for performance.

“The 223 is one of the most popular rounds in this country,” said Paul Lemke, General Manager for RUAG Ammotec USA. “Our new Tactical line is ideal for the range and for the field — and offers the performance and reliability Norma’s ammunition is known for, at a price even high-volume shooters can afford.”

The Norma Tactical line begins with a 55-grain bullet featuring a published muzzle velocity of 3,240 fps. The cartridge maintains more than 2,800 fps at 100 yards, while dropping to 2,536 fps at 200 and 2,222 at 300 yards. Ballistics include a nominal 2.7-inch drop at 200 yards when running a 100-yard zero. Drop then increases to six inches at 250 yards and 10.9 inches at 300 yards.

The new American made 223 Norma Tactical is shipping now to distributors and retailers. MSRP for a box of 20 rounds is just $9.63.

The new .223 ammunition line should serve well for both tactical and competition pursuits. The 55-grain round, and its inexpensive cost, provide an opportunity to send lots of rounds down range. So whether training for the fight, or for the next big competition, Norma Tactical emerges as a new choice for tactical shooters.

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