RDF 6mm Shooting

Nosler recently announced the release of its latest offering in its Reduced Drag Factor (RDF) bullet line, 6mm, 115-grain HPBT. The RDF line features extremely high BCs and small, consistent meplats in a hollow point match bullet design, one long-range shooters will surely welcome.

“With the introduction of this bullet, distances that were once too far to consistently and accurately shoot are now a reality,” said a Nosler release. “This 115-grain bullet was specifically designed to function in 6mm cartridges with barrel twist rates of 1-7.5 inches or faster and like all RDF bullets, is not intended for big-game hunting.”

Nosler designed the RDF line with the goal of delivering exceptionally high BCs that result in the flattest trajectory and least wind drift possible, according to Nosler. Several key design features contribute to the RDF’s performance. The optimized compound ogive, which bridges traditional tangent and secant bullet shapes, remains insensitive to seating depth. This gives handloaders the ability to seat bullets rather easily. Competitors that routinely load hundreds of bullets for a match should welcome this feature. Further, the bullet’s long boattail reduces drag, making the RDF excel at long range.

The RDF features a nearly undetectable hollow point. The bullet’s tightly profiled designs boats a 40-percent average reduction in meplat size. This eliminates the need to point and trim tips, a laborious step for match shooters handloading.

Nosler RDF 6mm Bullets

Nosler RDF 6mm 115-grain

  • 6mm – 115 grain—G1 Ballistic Coefficient 0.634 | G7 Ballistic Coefficient 0.312
  • Load Data for the 6mm, 115-grain RDF bullet in 6mm Creedmoor can be found www.load-data.nosler.com

For more information, visit www.nosler.com.

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