SAAMI recently accepted Wilson Combat's 300 HAM'R.

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAMMI) recently announced the acceptance of 300 HAM’R as a cartridge. Wilson Combat developed the cartridge, while SIG Sauer, as an ammo manufacturer, sponsored the 300 HAM’R into SAAMI.

SAAMI Accepts 300 HAM’R

The 300 HAM’R delivers a maximum average pressure of 57.500 psi, with a 125-grain bullet traveling at a velocity of 2,450 fps. It pushes a 130-grain bullet at 2,425 fps. Stated ballistics came from sooting through a 16-inch MSR-type barrel.

Wilson designed the .300 HAM’R “to maximize the capabilities of the AR-15 for hunting, self-defense, and target practice; in other words, terminal performance, capacity, and accuracy.” Consider it done.

Along with the cartridge, Wilson also released five rifles to go with it. Wilson’s .300 HAM’R rifles are: The Ranger, the Ultralight Ranger, the Tactical Hunter, the Ultralight Hunter and the Bill Wilson Ranch Rifle. The last rifle is the “pièce de résistance” of the series.

Ultimately, the 300 HAM’R provides greater terminal performance, in an AR-style rifle, over the .223 Remington. With the .223 Rem. as the parent case, the case knecks up to accept .30-caliber bullets. Bullet weights range from 110 to 150 grains. The overall cartridge length runs 2.260 inches, while the case has a max length of 1.603 inches.

Wilson Combat will no doubt continue to push this cartridge, giving it legs. For more information, visit

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