SAMMI recently accepted Federal Shorty Shotshells and Nosler 6.5-284 Norma ammo.

The Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAMMI) recently announced the acceptance of two cartridges. SAMMI accepted a new Shorty Shotshell from Federal and 6.5-284 rifle cartridge from Norma.

Federal’s new 12-gauge, 1 3/4-inch shotshell introduced with an maximum average pressure of 11,500 psi with a 15/16-ounce #8 lead shot load traveling 1,145 fps. A 15-pellet #4 buckshot load travels at a velocity of 1,200 fps. Meanwhile, a 1-ounce lead rifled slug travels at a velocity of 1,200 fps.

Nosler’s 6.5-284 Norma rifle cartridge features loads for practice, competition and hunting. It introduced with SAMMI with a maximum average pressure of 58,000 psi, with a 130-grain bullet traveling at a velocity of 2,900 fps.

The acceptance of cartridges is an important step in making new loads legitimate in the firearms industry. The codified technical data and drawings enables other manufacturers to safely and efficiently make products to support further innovation. From chamber and barrels, to other loadings, to accessories such as muzzle brakes and magazine, SAMMI acceptance provides a necessary step in vetting and getting data shared throughout the industry.
SAMMI began in 1926 at the request of the federal government. It creates and promulgates technical, performance and safety standards for firearms, ammunition and components. It serves as the preeminent global resource for the safe and responsible transportation, storage and use of these products.

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