SAR USA Ammunition brings new 9mm loads to market.

High demands on ammo continues largely unabated, and the current political climate threatens to make ammo even harder to get in the future. So it comes as welcome news with the recent announcement of SAR USA ammunition. The company will offer NATO-inspired 9mm pistol round to the U.S. market.

SAR USA Ammunition Details

“This is an incredible opportunity to bring high-quality ammunition to new SAR firearm owners and a market desperate for it,” said Todd Pearson, COO for SAR USA. “SAR ammunition is designed, engineered and manufactured to perform to the highest standards. This ammunition is the perfect complement to the rigorously tested and award-winning SAR pistol lines. This is another high-quality product offed by SAR USA.”

SAR manufactures the ammo in its state-of-the-art facility. It utilizes the latest technology, backed by investments into R&D. The expanding product lines bring pistols, shotguns and now ammunition to the U.S. market.

SAR 9mm NATO comprises full metal jacket ammo, manufactured in Turkey to high quality and standards. The premium ammunition line features brass casings and military-grade, sealed primers. Utilizing top components, the ammo delivers accuracy and downrange performance, according to SAR USA.

The first offering comes in 50-round boxes. Options include 115-grain FMJ or 124-grain FMJ. For even more info, please visit

SAR 9mm Ammo Features

  • Full Metal Jacket Projectile
  • Brass Casing
  • Weather Sealed Boxer Primer

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