SDI BIP ML Marking Liquid Round

Security Devices International Inc. has a number of impressive less lethal options for law enforcement and military personnel.

One such option is the BIP (Blunt Impact Projectile) ML Marking Liquid round

The BIP ML Marking Liquid round delivers a marking liquid agent that is semi-permanent in nature. In many riots and crowd control situations, law enforcement officials are unable to apprehend individuals due to tactical constraints.

With the BIP ML, military and law enforcement officials can mark the group leaders who are breaking the law for future apprehension.

The discharge of a colored liquid gives the target the impression that they are being targeted for apprehension. Additionally, the BIP ML offers a psychological deterrent in helping to enforce compliance on the subject.

SDI says that its BIP system has a clear competitive advantage over other less-lethal kinetic energy ammunitions. The disruptive technologies can be used for both short and long distances with a greater level of safety, accuracy and reliability than competing products.

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