Stinger Less-Lethal Multiple Impact Bullet
The Stinger, a Less-Lethal Multiple Impact Bullet
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After countless requests from government agencies around the world asking for a “better mouse trap” in the Less-Lethal arena, (i.e. Increased Accuracy, Reduced Lethality Risk, Collateral Damage Mitigation, and Tactical Aim-Point Options) Advanced Ballistics Concept pushed forward with their R&D program and has perfected the next generation of advanced performance Less-Lethal products. Compared to conventional products the STINGER, less-Lethal class of the Multiple Impact Bullets, delivers unequaled accuracy and performance at ranges as close as 12.5 feet and as far as 60 feet.  We have designed a smarter round that can deter/disarm a threat with a greatly reduced risk of unintended life threating injury and collateral damage.

“A key technological advance is that we make the round from a proprietary Thermal Reactive Polymer that allows the round to adjust to its environment,” saod Co-founder Todd Kuchman. This means that this round will automatically hit harder in cold weather conditions (when people wear heavier clothing) and strike with less force on a hot summer day.

The STINGER takes advantage of the same innovative tether connected fragments and instant expansion technology of the original Mi-Bullet.  It allows it to harness spin from rifling to not only increase accuracy, but to simultaneously spread the round into a unique concentrated 3x point pattern; offering the shooter up to 3x painful and debilitating wound sites in a single shot.

DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS: Due to the predictable patterns that can be pre-selected; ranging from a “wide-spread 3x point pattern” (Rifled barrel or choke) to a “Tight-Group” (Smooth bore) the user can apply this next generation Less-Lethal technology in new ways never before thought possible.  Advanced Ballistics calls these new options Tactical Aim-Point Options.

For example; for police in a standoff with a civilian wielding a knife or bat (a semi-controlled situation), the traditional method for applying stand-off Less-lethal force (i.e. rubber bullet or bean-Bag) is to aim at the side-hip or lower center-mass and hope they hit their mark sufficiently.  With the MI-3 Controlled Spread Technology the officers have two additional new options to resolve the situation while applying limited force effectively.

Tactical Aim-Point Options.  “Sweet-Spot” deployment range ~ 20ft to 40ft

BODY-SHOT AIM POINT: Bottom of ribcage to the upper leg and side of body from a range of ~15ft to ~60ft allowing time for the patented interconnected 3x part design to spread into its optimal multi-strike position ensures a higher percentage of effective hit.

ARM-SWEEP AIM-POINT: Elbow of the primary griping/trigger hand; from a range of ~15 feet to ~35 feet. If arms are outstretched griping a threatening object (bat, knife, gun) this is where the Mi-3 technology truly differentiates itself, because only this patented design can use the interconnecting tethers as a disruptive tool to sweep the object from the individual’s grip.

LEG-SHOT AIM POINT: Legs. The unique instantly expanding pattern allows for shots from a range of 15 feet to 60 feet to be targeted at the mid legs to not only cause intense pain, but can work to entangle the legs in the tethers and inhibit mobility of the target.

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