We’ve been keeping our eye on True Velocity for some time now. What might first have seemed a mere novelty, the company turned heads making headway with its composite-case 6.8 performance in the Army NGSW evaluations. Now finally, composite-cased True Velocity .308 Win. becomes available directly to consumers.

True Velocity .308 Winchester

In July, Ballistic reported the first hint of civilian sales with True Velocity’s Commemorative Box Set of .308 Win. So officially the first round available to civilians, at around $160 for just 22 rounds, that offering comprised a collector piece. But now hunters and shooters get the ammo they crave. The first

But now True Velocity offers a 20-round box of .308 Win. for $69.99. The load utilizes a 168-grain Nosler Custom Competition HPBT bullet. The cartridge pushes a muzzle velocity of 2,650 fps. With a 200-yard zero, factory specs claim the bullet graphs +2.14-inches at 100 yards. It drops 8.89 inches at 300 and 25.73 at 400 yards. The data comes from a 24-inch test barrel with a 1:12 twist.

The ammo comprises True Velocity’s first real-world commercial offering for civilian shooters. Better still, customers can purchase the load at, with products delivered directly to their shipping address. The company also stated additional calibers will be offered in the coming months.

A New Era in Ammo

True Velocity makes all of its ammunition in-house, in the USA. The composite case delivers up to a 30-percent weight reduction over brass-cased ammo. All the while, True Velocity claims it maintains superior accuracy and consistency. Another benefit comes in the way of reduced heat transfer, according to True Velocity. That reduction leads to longer chamber life and decreased throat erosion. All the while, tested ammo achieves sub-MOA accuracy for serious shooters.

“We are eager to get our proprietary, high-performance rounds into the hands of discerning shooters across the country,” said True Velocity CEO Kevin Boscamp. “The True Velocity composite-cased .308 WIN is proven to be the highest-performing ammunition currently on the market and we look forward to continuing to raise the bar of excellence as we release additional calibers in the future.”

For those who embrace the collecting side of Gundom, the True Velocity Commemorative Box Set remains available while supplies last. It comes with 22 .308 Win. rounds, a branded DOPE logbook and a 1 MOA TV challenge coin. For even more info, please visit

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