ANR Design announces production of a new KYDEX holster model, deemed the “Master Blaster.”

The company, which prides itself on crafting hand-made holsters with exceptional precision and quality, believe they have found a winner.

The Master Blaster has quickly become a very popular holster choice for professionals, LEOs, and everyday carry civilians. The holster is ANR’s take on the “appendix carry” IWB holster, with added features.

The holster model is exactly the same composition as standard IWB holsters that ANR offers, but with the addition of the integrated magazine carrier. The 10-degree canted magazine carrier built into the holster design, provides quick magazine acquisition from a secure holder.

ANR’s Master Blaster is constructed from a single piece of KYDEX, bound by a two eyelets and an adjustable retention screw between the magazine body and the pistol slide.

The holster is formed to the contour of the body, ensuring comfort and mobility for the user. ANR Design takes satisfaction in keeping their holsters minimalistic, simple and functional.

“We believe the addition of all the bells and whistles offers a greater chance of equipment failure, which in our industry could result in catastrophe,” said owner and CEO Alex Costa in a statement.

The Master Blaster starts at $65 and is available in more than 15 colors and patterns of KYDEX. The holster is available in single stack subcompact firearms only.

For more information on the Master Blaster and other products from ANR Design, please visit and is currently available at

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