There are situations when law enforcement responders have to deal with Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) terrorism incidents

For that, Ansell recently introduced a brand new solution: the Trellchem ACT suit.

The garment is intended for use in all CBRN terrorism environments, including the Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health zone (IDLH) and is certified according the American standard NFPA 1994 Class 2.

The Trellchem ACT suit is made from a strong, durable and lightweight technical fabric with a fluoro-based barrier film. Wearer comfort is high and noise level from being active in the suit is at a minimum.

The suit is equipped with an elasticated waist for good fit, shoulder paddings to ease the discomfort from the SCBA load and an external neck strap fitted to obtain individually optimal comfort of the hood. The mask seal of the hood is uniquely cut in a 3D shape to bring maximum safety and fit around the BA face mask.

Gloves are offered with dual attachment options, which can either be permanently fixed to the Trellchem ACT or optimally attached with the Trellchem Bayonet glove ring system, offering quick, safe and simple glove replacement. Additional optional features for increased comfort include pockets and elbow/knee padding.

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