The APA All Purpose Rifle, shown here with the NightForce NXS 5.5-22×50 scope mounted. American Precision Arms strenuous pursuit of perfection results in a premium precision rifle to handle any task.

Precision is a word that is often used without fully appreciating the meaning or the execution. However, after visiting with the gentlemen at American Precision Arms (APA), it was clear that they not only understood the definition of precision but had mastered the execution. I first learned of APA when a friend, Mark Kuczka, was hired on as their business manager. I had met Mark several years ago when he was running a highly successful Class III business in the Atlanta area. At the time, it had been several years since I had spent any time behind a precision rifle. That would soon change.

Jered Joplin, president and sole owner of APA, comes from a family of watchmakers so he understands “precision.” When he was 22, he began an apprenticeship with another firearms company that led to him forming APA in 2008. Jered’s quest to build the best rifle possible led him to enroll in CNC programing school to learn the art of machining metal in a controlled manner. Jered told me, “I believe there is no such thing as good enough and we should always challenge ourselves to be better, even if it seems there is no room for improvement.” Jered has assembled a small but talented team that strives to live up to his goal. If it isn’t perfect, it doesn’t leave the shop.

The APR is based on the Genesis action, which is a Remington 700 style. The scope base, rings, and bolt knob are also designed by APA (top). All metal surfaces of the APR are coated in sage green KG Gunkote. The color is light enough to blend yet dark enough not to stand out in most environments.

APA is a true custom shop that will build a rifle from the ground up to the customer’s specifications. During the process, they will share their experience and knowledge to assist the customer in selecting the proper components and getting the best value for their dollar. They will also work on a customer’s pre-built or off-the-shelf rifle, doing everything from trigger work to stock bedding and rebarreling. These “simple” jobs get the same care and attention as a full-blown custom build.

The APA All Purpose Rifle utilizes the McMillan HTG stock, which was first developed for the USMC sniper program in the mid-1970’s. The weapon comes from APA in a foam-fitted hard case.

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The APA All Purpose Rifle, shown here with the NightForce NXS 5.5-22x50 scope mounted.…