Montie Gear, a North Carolina-based manufacturer of hunting and shooting accessories, have announced the release of their AR-Rest. This collapsible rest is designed to hold the end-user’s rifle in place when firing their weapon. It is a stable, tough and durable accessory that the company bills as a “Troublesome Gap Tough” product, which is a place in Western North Carolina, near the peak of Hap Mountains and overlooking Spring Creek, NC. With a description like that, it’s obvious the AR-Rest is built to last.

This easy-to-use shooting rest is suitable for use both on the bench and in the field. Utilizing a tripod design, the rifle stock is situated roughly 9.5 inches from the top of the bench, which is a required height when it comes to AR-15s and AK-47s using high-capacity magazines.

Using the AR-Rest from Montie Gear is a perfect method for the end-user to sight-in their rifle, pistol or shotgun. It is quickly collapsible for optimized storage in a bag or range box. In addition, it provides the shooter with a stable shooting position in any number of different environments and conditions.

Each AR-Rest is powder-coated for maximum durability. The rest is also cut from tough 5052 aluminum using waterjet technology. Moreover, the hardware of this product is stainless steel and corrosion resistance for extended life. Retail price for the AR-Rest is $59.95.

Montie Gear is a subsidiary of Monte Design, a North Carolina-based design firm which “provides product design and development services to a variety of industries,” according to their website. The founder of Montie Design, Montie Roland, has a background in competitive shooting. Therefore, the company began offering their own line of products geared toward that industry. The X-Rest was the first result of this, followed soon after by the AR-Rest. They’ve since expanded their product line to include a host of different accessories for shooting and hunting.

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