AR500 Armor, renowned manufacturer of body armor, plate carriers, and more, is introducing their blunt force trauma pad, new for 2014. Using slim and light non-Newtonian layers, the AR500 Armor Trauma Pad decreases blunt force trauma on impact by decreasing back face deformation, which is done by disbursing energy over the surface area of the trauma pad. Click here to watch a video for more information about the AR500 Armor Trauma Pad.

Back face deformation is created when a round hits the body armor, resulting in felt energy transfer throughout the armor. The AR500 Armor Trauma Pad takes the energy disbursing capabilities of the AR500 Armor Hard Body Armor product one step further by decreasing back face deformation and absorbing energy, which mitigates energy transfer and results in less felt energy.

The AR500 Armor Trauma Pad was designed to be worn with Level III Hard and Level IIIA Carbon Nanotube Soft Body Armor. Built in padding behind the non-Newtonian layers improves comfort for the user. It is 10 inches by 12 inches and has an overall weight of 5.9 ounces. With a thickness of .25 inches, the AR500 Armor Trauma Pad is ultra-thin and ready for action.

Specifications: AR500 Armor Trauma pad

-Dimensions: 10 inches x 12 inches Advanced Shooters Cut (ASC) – Compatible with all 10″ x 12″ Body Armor, and many other sizes
-Weight: 5.9 ounces
-Thickness: .25 inches – Ultra-Thin Profile
-Contents: (1) AR500 Armor 10 inches x 12 inches ASC Trauma Pad
-Orientation: “TRAUMA PAD” To be worn away from body

AR500 Armor is a a company which manufactures body armor, plate carriers, medical kits and supplies, MREs, tactical apparel, backpacks, flashlights, rifle slings, t-shirts and more. For additional information about the Trauma Pad and other products offered by AR500 Armor, please visit

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