Ares Armor AR-10 Barrel lead
The Ares Armor .308 AR-10 Barrel

Ares Armor specializes in manufacturing products that allow shooters to legally customize their own firearms.

The company said it received “countless requests” from customers who wanted a reliable AR-1o barrel … so Ares Armor couldn’t help but listen.

The all new .308 AR-10 Barrel has a length of 16 inches and is made from 4150 Chrome-Moly-Vanadium, which Ares references as the same steel developed at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds “capable of retaining most of its strength even when red hot.”

Chambered in 7.62×51, the hardened Ares Armor barrel features a mid-length gas system. In order to stabilize even the heaviest rounds, including up to 175 grains, Ares rifled the barrel in a 1/10 twist, giving the shooter the widest range in ammo choices.

The barrel normally retails for $325, but is currently on sale for $250.

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