Ares Armor Derma Universal Cummerbund Kit

The Ares Armor Derma Universal Cummerbund Kit (DUCK) can turn most any Standard Plate Carrier into a quick-releasable Plate Carrier. Designed from first-hand experience during multiple combat deployments with inferior issued armored carriers, the Ares Armor Derma Universal Cummerbund Kit can transform most any issued Plate Carrier into fast ditching combat gear.

Similar to the Ares Armor Derma Carrier, the Derma Universal Cummerbund System features an exclusive custom Ares Armor – AustriAlpin COBRA Buckles on the cummerbund; which allows for quick on and off. The triple bungee cummerbund positions plates close to the body projecting a power profile appearance while increasing the amount of coverage provided by plates as compared to bulkier carriers without an enhanced and upgraded cummerbund.

The Derma Universal Cummerbund Kit is adjustable and lightweight encompassing the virtue of simplicity. The DUCK features a triple bungee that will work with MOLLE Mag Pouches on the side – both interior and exterior.


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