ARES Defense Systems Belt-Fed MCR Lite Upper

ARES Defense Systems has unveiled its all new belt-fed MCR Lite upper receiver.

The MCR Lite is an upper receiver assembly that fits standard AR15/M4 lower receivers and just like the full-featured MCR (Mission Configurable Rifle) upper receivers, it features gas-piston operation, a true (three second) quick-change barrel assembly and the ability to feed from M27 linked ammunition belts or standard AR magazines at the shooter’s discretion.

With “Lite” attached to its name, the MCR Lite has a light weight of just 8.5 pounds.

“While the full-featured MCR and AMG-2 models are a first choice for professional shooters, we wanted to provide a Lite model that allows recreational shooters to experience the thrill of our belt-fed systems at a fraction of the price of our full-feature models,” said Geoffrey Herring, President-CEO of ARES Defense, in a statement.

The primary differences between the MCR and the MCR Lite is that the Lite model has a fixed gas port, aluminum feed tray, round feed roller housing and lighter barrel than the MCR.

Available for immediate shipment by ARES Defense and also being carried by distributors AMCHAR, RSR and others, the MCR Lite carries a price tag of $2,995.

For more information on the MCR Lite and other products from ARES Defense Systems, please visit

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